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SecureScrypt(c) Security Card
At the Heart of all SecureScrypt(c) Solutions
The SecureScrypt(c) Security Card is at the heart of all SecureScrypt(c) solutions.  This smart SD card ensures the highest level of data protection for e-mails, text messages,voice communication and Video Conferences , ON ANY PLATFORM - Android - IOS - Symbian - Blackberry - Windows and more. The miniature computer integrated into the micro-SD card contains the special crypto-controller with a PKI coprocessor for authentication. An additional high-speed coprocessor encrypts voice, data communication, message, Video Call using  AES. AES is considered the most secure and efficient algorithm for the symmetric encryption of data and voice communication. The SecureScrypt(c)   solution is able to meet all the German government’s requirements for secure mobile telephony (VS-NfD security clearance) on ALL Platforms, Android, Iphone, Blackberry, Windows, Laptops, PC, Desktop Phones.
Hightech Made in Germany
  • At the center of this process is the exclusive SecureScrypt(c) ENIGMA engine, devloped in Germany, for especially medium sized companies, allowing to work with the same security as Governments.
  • The SecureScrypt(c) SD Card is a wafer-thin encryption computer integrated into a standard card format with a surface size of only 1 cm2.
  • The smart card enables 390 sextillion keys for encryption purposes – it would take ca. 160 billion years to crack this code.
  • At its heart is an NXP crypto-controller with a PKI coprocessor for authentication, which has an EAL 5+ certification according to the Common Criteria.
  • An additional high speed coprocessor encrypts voice and data communication using AES, the most secure and efficient algorithm for encrypting data and voice communication.
Complete Encryption: The Federal Enigma Network by SecureScrypt
At the center of this process is the exclusive SecureScrypt(c) ENIGMA engine, devloped in Germnay, for especially medium sized companies, allowing to work with the same security as Governments.
The convenient, easy to use Enigma Network System is the SecureScrypt(c) company’s Made in Germany answer to all your telecommunication security needs. The Enigma  for all Platforms solution guarantees high security for mobile voice, data communication, messaging. PC and Laptop, as well Video conference.  However, secure telephone calls can also be made from a landline phone with a special Enigma  regardless of whether you are telephoning with a secure desk telephone , a protected switchboard or taking part in a tap-proof telephone conversation .


SecureScrypt Desk Telephones with Secure Video Conference
SecureScrypt(c) company also makes effective Made in Germany anti-eavesdropping solutions possible at your desk with the first class IP and comfort desk telephones with Video call.
The Enigma edition IP telephone combines the highest level of security with comprehensive functionality. Additional convenient extras make the important difference in every day use. The encryption provided by the SecureScrypt(c) company has no negative influence on the quality or comfort in landline communication. In fact, the audio and video quality is of the highest standard thanks to broadband audio / video with speech pause recognition.
The Enigma are highly secure, innovative Made in Germany IP telephones. In addition to their unrestricted comfort in use, the IP telephones also offer touch keys, a brilliantly clear colour display and are equipped with status LEDs showing incoming messages, microphone on/off and DND (do not disturb

The biggest advantage of the Securescrypt solution is, every system installed is completely different from the others, so hacking a securescrypt does not only not make any sense, it is also useless.

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Enigma is available in 123 different Languages / Enigma gibt es in 123 verschiedenen Sprachen !!


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